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Are You Ready to Take Ownership of a Bar and grill franchise? Consider Barrel House!

    Bar and Grill Franchise


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    Have You Always Dreamed of Owning Your Own Bar Grill Franchise Location?

    Barrel House is looking for prospective owners who can take our bar and grill franchise to the next level.

    Our approach is simple – we give our customers a special experience with great food and drinks, and an inviting,  We Care Culture™ As a part of the communities where we have bar and grill franchise locations, we are accessible to locals who love our brand.

    What more could you want in a bar and grill franchise?

    If your answer to that question is “to be a part of the experience,” then you could be a great match for our bar for sale opportunity!

    We’re looking for people like you who are interested in bringing Barrel House to your local community, kickstarting a new location, and running your own bar and grill franchise.

    Need more persuading to get a bar and grill franchise?

    Just look at the facts and figures surrounding the bar and grill franchise industry:

    If you’ve got a passion for food and dedication to turn your bar and grill franchise dreams into a reality, then we could work together.


    franchise bar and grill

    Our upscale but homey atmosphere goes down well with our customers, and it could become a part of your everyday life, too.

    Let’s look at whether you could be for a good fit for our bar & grill franchise.

    Bar and grill franchise: You + Barrel House = A Winning Combination

    We’re not going to beat around the bush here; we’ve got an idea about who our ideal franchisee is.

    • You need to be self-motivated and able to put your employees first, creating a  We Care Culture™ within your Barrel House location.
    • A team player with drive and energy would be a great Barrel House franchise owner. If you’re ready to take our initial training and coaching on board, then we may be ready to consider you as a Barrel House franchisee.

    We’re open to both detail-oriented franchise owners and those with a more hands-off approach. You know yourself best, and we trust you – and if you know someone with experience in a general manager role who could help with daily operations in your Barrel House location, then we’re open to that as well. After all in bar & grill franchise opportunities are just too good not to share, and you have the final word on hiring.

    Barrel House Team Smiling

    But why should you choose Barrel House? There are a few reasons why we’re proud of our bar franchise opportunity.

    Barrel House Merchandising

    Why You Should Consider Barrel House – The Bar and grill franchise with Food That Lifts Your Spirits

    Our bar and grill franchise targets three key menu areas that the National Restaurant Association has highlighted as being some of today’s top food trends: Revamped cocktails, comfort foods, and specialty burgers.

    Customers love our unique atmosphere and the fact that they can come in, de-stress, and enjoy terrific food and drinks in an upscale tavern environment. We do everything we can to make sure our customers come back for more, meaning you could be seeing a lot of familiar faces as a Barrel House franchise owner.

    Barrel House is a bar franchise that offers industry-leading benefits. For example, you’ll be able to make use of several revenue streams within your bar and grill franchise, such as dine-in, pick-up, delivery, gift cards, and more. Our adaptable concept means that we can work with many different types of spaces to create dining rooms, bar areas, patios, and other combinations.

    Check our bar and grill franchise benefits

    You’ll also be able to access a number of Barrel House benefits, such as working with our established partnerships and making use of our existing supplier relationships.

    If we can secure reduced pricing for any aspect of your bar and grill franchise location, then you see the savings! It’s all part of becoming a member of the Barrel House bar and grill franchise family.

    We really mean it when we say ‘family’. We pride ourselves on offering our bar franchise owners a high level of support, because we understand how difficult it can be to start up a sports grill franchise.

    Barrel House aims to help reduce your daily worries by guiding you through the bar franchise ownership process – and giving you the freedom to spread your wings when you need it.



    Some of the areas of franchise location ownership that we can advise you on are:

    · Initial training, including the  We Care Culture™ program
    · Site selection and build-out
    · Inventory and back-of-house setup
    · Technology and marketing
    · Menus, daily specials, and seasonal offerings
    · Positive team member culture
    · Different potential revenue streams (delivery, takeout, catering, etc.)

    Our exclusive  We Care Culture™ program pays attention to four key areas:

    Create, Attention, Respond, Exceed.

    It aims to ensure that Barrel House customers receive the best service and have their expectations fulfilled and even exceeded. As a Barrel House franchisee, you have access to our We Care training and much more, courtesy of our friendly and accessible leadership team.


    If you’re looking to advance your career and have a passion for food, then we could be a perfect match.

    What do you need to do next?

    Whether you’re a savvy investor who know bars, sports bars franchises or bar and grill franchises or a foodie who needs a little bit of extra support and guidance, get in touch with us today!

    We’re only a call away, and we could help you to take the next step in your entrepreneurship career.

      Bar and Grill Franchise


      Learn more about the Bar and Grill Franchise industry.