Barrel House – A twist on Bar and Grill Franchises

March 2022

Some people aren’t content with a normal, 9-to-5 job where they sit in an office cubicle all day and aren’t directly changing or impacting anyone’s lives. This may be the ideal situation for some people, but it’s unlikely that those people will be suited for a bar and grill franchise.

There’s a certain atmosphere to all our franchise restaurants for sale that makes us who we are, and it takes a special type of person to fit in seamlessly.

Have you been scouting out nearby franchise restaurants for sale, hoping that something suitable comes up? We may have the answer for you. Barrel House isn’t the usual franchise sports bar and grill.  This could be your chance to own an upscale tavern with growth potential.

There are many different aspects of a person that can lead them to business growth within the world of bar and grill franchise opportunities, so let’s go through what we’re offering to potential franchise owners, as well as what potential franchise owners will need to show us in return.

Barrel House: Beyond Bar and Grill franchises

Whenever anyone enters a Barrel House location, they should find an amazing atmosphere of relaxation and comfort, and experience some of the best customer service that can be found in a bar and grill franchise across the U.S. This is thanks to our We Care culture, which ensures that all employees know how to give our guests the highest quality service, even on the busiest nights.

We Care consists of ”Creating a positive experience,” paying “Attention to guests’ needs,” ”Responding appropriately and politely,” and “Exceeding guests’ expectations.” This is something that Barrel House takes seriously and includes as part of every franchise owner’s initial training, so that we can make sure that our guests are receiving the same high standard of customer service, no matter which of our locations they enter.

If this sounds like a tall order, that’s because it is – but we’ll be sure to guide you through the initial stages as a franchise owner, and we believe that the right owner will adapt to our concepts well.

What about the bar and grill franchise owner characteristics?

Not everyone will fit into this role well, and we’re set apart with our requirements for any potential owners who are interested in our brand. If you think you’re ready to start serving our appetizing comfort food, such as wings, burgers, wraps, pizzas, along with favorite drinks and creative cocktails, and much more to loyal Barrel House guests, then let’s get into what we’ll expect from you.

The Ideal Bar and Grill Franchise Owner

Some people may believe that anyone can be a franchise owner for a bar and grill franchise, but there are some basic requirements for any potential franchise owner, as well as more specific requirements that differ between brands.

For any restaurant or bar franchise, it’s common sense that you’ll need a passion for food and making your guests happy every day that you’re open, as it’s all about great-tasting flavors, enjoyable drinks, and creating a comfortable atmosphere that your guests want to return to, day after day.

In short, our potential franchise owners need to be business-minded and customer-focused. We don’t require tons of industry experience, but we do want motivated and passionate franchise owners who are ready to do what it takes to give their Barrel House locations the chance to grow. On the financial side of things, all our potential franchise owners for our bar and grill franchise opportunity will need to be able to invest between $398,000 and $998,000 into their franchise location. That includes a $40,000 initial franchise fee, which allows you to take advantage of the Barrel House brand.

We also expect all potential owners to have sufficient liquid capital available to reinvest into the franchise location when needed, which is an industry standard for franchise restaurants for sale across the country. A good credit rating is also highly recommended before beginning your franchise owner journey with the Barrel House bar and grill franchise.

Support Available from Barrel House’s Restaurant franchise

We know that investing in a bar and grill franchise can be a huge, sometimes life-changing, decision, so franchise owners need to know what kind of support will be available from their franchise team throughout the process.

We don’t want to throw a new owner in at the deep end, so to speak, and you’ll be glad to learn that Barrel House’s approach is the complete opposite of that. We have a support program in place to ensure that you get off on the right foot with your new bar and grill franchise.

Our experienced and accessible team will work with you from the early stages to the later stages of the owner journey, such as advising on site selection (real estate) and build-out. You’ll also get training on day-to-day operations as well as other important aspects of running your own Barrel House restaurant.

You’ll be able to use our Barrel House brand and attract our loyal customers within your local community. Plus with the great Barrel House name, and the warm and comfortable vibes you create within your location, you will help to keep customers coming through your doors.

More Information About This Great  Bar and Grill Franchise Opportunity

If you decide that a bar and grill franchise is the next step for your career, then it’s likely that Barrel House could be of interest to you. We’re looking to expand our brand in key markets across the U.S., and we need potential franchise owners who speak our language.

Could you be the right fit for our franchise restaurant for sale? To learn more about our bar and grill franchise, get in touch with Barrel House today, and you’ll be able to review more information about our bar and grill franchise for sale.