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    We Have Bars for Sale Near You – Considering Sports Bar Franchise Opportunities?

    We’re not a sports bar franchise but our upscale tavern franchise may be just what you’re looking for.

    Barrel House is looking for new franchise owners, and you could be our perfect match. Let’s get the idea straight: we are an upscale tavern serving food that lifts our customers’ spirits, and we have bars for sale. If we create a comforting, homey atmosphere that welcomes all manner of customers – from business lunches to family dinners – then we’re doing our job right. But where do you fit in?

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    We’ve got the concept down. What we’re looking for is someone who can bring Barrel House to their local community. Ideally, you’re passionate about food and you’ve got what it takes to motivate and manage your Barrel House staff. If we caught your attention with a bar for sale, then we’re off to a great start!

    Even if you prefer to be a hands-off franchisee, you could thrive as a franchise owner with Barrel House. For instance, you might have a friend with general manager experience who’d be perfect for the role at your new location. If you’re dedicated, we’ve got the ingredients to make it work for both of us.

    Timing is Everything in a sports bar franchise

    There’s never been a better time to investigate bars for sale near you, especially our sports bar franchise opportunity. When you sign with Barrel House, you’ll offer customers our amazing menu that targets three of today’s top food trends: revamped cocktails, comfort foods, and specialty burgers. Combined with our upscale tavern ambiance and stress-relieving atmosphere, we’ve created a recipe for a great sports bar franchise.

    If you think our concept will work well for you, then we can move onto the next step: investment into our bar for sale.

    Let’s take a closer look at the figures and break down how you could become a franchise owner with Barrel House. We can’t wait to welcome you into the Barrel House family!

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    Sports Bar for Sale Costs and Investment Explained

    We know you’re likely not new to business, so we’ll go through investment details briefly but clearly, outlining all the bar for sale costs and financial requirements in a simple but effective way. Ready?

    Franchise Fee

    As you may already know, a franchise fee is part of becoming a franchise owner. With Barrel House, we ask $40,000 as a franchise fee. This grants you access to numerous benefits as one of our franchisees, including the ability to use the Barrel House name and branding, and our experience and training.

    Our assistance includes our exclusive We Care culture training program – a Barrel House exclusive benefit. With insight into our operations, you’ll have the tools to start your new sports bar franchise on the right foot.

    Initial Investment

    Next, we’ll look at the initial investment, which includes the franchise fee. With Barrel House, our initial investment requirements range from $398,000 to $995,000. This cost covers opening and running your franchise location. You’ll have the resources to throw an amazing grand opening, and it sets you up for a promising start to your journey as a franchise owner.

    Minimum Liquid Capital

    Our owners need to meet a few other key financial requirements, alongside the initial investment. Have a good credit rating and  a minimum liquid capital of $100,000. By fulfilling these requirements, you’re helping to ensure the stability and growth of your Barrel House franchise location.

    It’s not just another sports bar for sale – a Barrel House location can be a venue for your growth and education as well as a cozy community hotspot

    What Will Your Investment Become?

    Obviously, your investment into a Barrel House location is more than investing in a bar for sale.

    Some of the other benefits that our bar for sale offers are custom-tailored for our franchise model, so it’s important to us that you know the value we bring to the table.

    Training and Support

    As we’ve mentioned, Barrel House has in-house training opportunities, such as the exclusive We Care program. But what exactly does the program do for you?

    The We Care program focuses on four core areas: Create, Attention, Respond, Exceed. The program ensures that your customers receive the best service possible, and that the service exceeds their expectations.

    You’ll also be joining the supportive, accessible Barrel House family. We know – you’ve heard it before. But we truly strive to go above and beyond by guiding you through the franchisee process as best we can, as well as giving you flexibility when you need it.

    Our pub for sale support program will go through:

    Jimmy Holt - Founder

    · Initial training, including the We Care program
    · Site selection and build-out
    · Inventory and back-of-house setup
    · Technology and marketing
    · Menus, daily specials, and seasonal offerings
    · Positive team member culture
    · Different potential revenue streams (delivery, takeout, catering, etc.)
    · … and much more!

    There are more benefits too, as part of the established Barrel House franchise network. That includes making use of our partnerships and supplier relationships, which helps streamline the entire process for you and provide reduced pricing when possible.

    Become Part of the Barrel House Family

    With Barrel House, you’re never alone. When we say you’ll become part of the family, we really mean it. Anyone might feel intimidated about running their own sports bar franchise. But with Barrel House, we won’t throw you in the deep end – we’ll always have your back.

    Ready to start this entrepreneurship adventure? We could go on the journey together – pick up the phone and get in contact about our bar for sale today!

      Bar and Grill Franchise


      Learn more about the Bar and Grill Franchise industry.