Franchise Restaurant Trends in 2023

March 2023

2023 is off to an auspicious start. After welcoming a new franchisee to the fold at the end of 2022 we’re looking forward to another year of growth – with new dishes, new drinks, new restaurants, and new franchise partners!

If you, too, are looking forward to growing in 2023, opening a restaurant franchise is the right move to make. Franchising a restaurant gives you the tools you need to succeed in today’s competitive market, and Barrel House is the perfect partner to help you open a restaurant in the Midwest this year.

Why Open a Restaurant Franchise in 2023?

Opening a franchise, rather than an untested concept, is the smart choice this year. We’ve written extensively about the benefits of opening a franchise restaurant. For experienced investors and first-time owners alike, there are enormous benefits to partnering with an existing brand.

If this isn’t your first rodeo, you’ll know how much easier it is to get a restaurant off the ground using a tried-and-true business plan. But we also know you’ll be impressed by Barrel House’s franchise support system, including our best-in-class training, marketing support, and friendly team. If you are used to working with huge, faceless brands, you’ll be impressed by our personal touch!

For first-time restaurant owners, a Barrel House franchise is the perfect entry point! We provide the experience and support that make a difference for new restaurants. Rather than risking your investment on an untested concept, you’ll know you’re building a neighborhood tavern your community is going to love. And our franchise team is always eager to mentor new restaurant owners, and share what we’ve learned over our years in the business!

Whether this is your first restaurant or your fiftieth, the Barrel House team is the right partner for 2023.

Barrel House’s Franchise Advantage

Our biggest advantage? Our size. No doubt you’re familiar with McDonald’s, Subway, and other giants of the restaurant franchise world. And these brands certainly have their place in the market – but for investors, working with an up-and-coming brand like Barrel House is a better deal in almost every way.

Put simply, larger brands aren’t looking to franchise a single restaurant. These brands are targeting investors who can commit to opening three, five, or ten restaurants, across a wide geographic area, to make the investment worth their time. 

This is a great opportunity for some investors, who have tens of millions of dollars to invest in building facilities and staffing new locations before becoming profitable. But these high restaurant startup costs mean many smaller investors are frozen out of the opportunity to open a restaurant in 2023.

Likewise, even larger investors may be seeking a more diverse portfolio. Being locked into a contract to open 10 of the same restaurants requires investors to become experts in enough markets to support that many locations. It’s also an enormous investment, especially for firms looking to get into the restaurant business for the first time.

Barrel House has worked with individual investors and large firms to help open restaurants around the Midwest. Whether your budget is large or small, investing in an up-and-coming brand is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

Why Work With A Smaller Restaurant Franchise?

The Barrel House franchise team at a new restaurant's openingBrands like Barrel House excel with opening a franchise at a time. We select our investment partners carefully, and work directly with small teams to open franchise restaurants in the Midwest. We’re confident in the success of our model, so we don’t require our investors to commit to opening multiple locations – though we know you’ll want to, once your first is built!

If you’re an investor opening a restaurant for the first time, you should know how important it is to choose a franchise that will invest in you, too. We know that your growth is our growth, and are just as concerned for your success as you are.

Barrel House is able to offer a level of personal training, feedback, and support that larger brands simply don’t have time for. We pride ourselves in cultivating strong relationships with franchisees, and making sure every part of our business is supported, from our flagship location to each and every franchise.

Our Midwest values shine through in our franchise partnerships, and you won’t find this level of support anywhere else.

Economic Benefits of Smaller Franchises

Additionally, the market is about to become more hospitable to smaller franchises. Real estate costs will always be lower in the Midwest, and the economic changes in the coming year will make opening a new restaurant more viable. Those that lock in their franchise agreements now will be ready to strike while the economic iron is hot in 2023. 

The cost to build and open a new restaurant has stabilized at last. Supply chain issues are easing, making it easier to start a restaurant in our Midwest target market. Construction delays are significantly less of a concern, and the long waits for kitchen equipment are a thing of the past.

iFranchise CEO Mark Sibert has gone on record noting that upcoming economic predictions include slowing inflation and wage growth – both of which will make opening a restaurant easier than ever, especially with a strong brand’s experience and guidance. With the costs of commercial space coming down, anyone signing their franchise agreements now will be well-positioned to take advantage of these economic changes right away.

Barrel House is the Best Franchise Partner for 2023

We have been working hard behind the scenes, and it shows. Barrel House is positioned perfectly for investment in the current financial climate Our size, support, innovations, and menu have positioned us perfectly to succeed in 2023 and beyond, and we can’t wait to take you along for the ride.

Technology Makes or Breaks Restaurant Franchises

The biggest challenge for a smaller franchise is technology. Luckily, we’ve been investing in cutting-edge innovations that provide real value for our franchisees and guests since day one.

We have always integrated technology in our restaurants, and we’ve always been intentional about that process. We focus on updates that will improve staff communication, efficiency, and guest experience – you can read all about that here.

But in-store technology is only half the battle. Knowledge is power, especially in the restaurant industry. Global giants have access to millions of customers’ data, but this is where many smaller restaurants struggle. They know what works in their home market, but can they replicate that success elsewhere? 

At Barrel House, we anticipated that issue years ago, and have an always-updated website, app, and customer loyalty program that help us track what guests love – and what they don’t. Analyzing this data from all of our locations helps us provide our partners with the advantage they need to stay ahead in this fast-paced industry.

A phone showing the Barrel House app, and its connections to Doordash and GrubHubAnother big technological advantage? Integrations that take the pressure off staff. Our online ordering and delivery integrations streamline the process for restaurant workers, allowing them to focus on making great food and delivering quality customer service.



Superior Communication and Support

Transparency is a huge advantage in a restaurant franchise relationship. Yet many global brands have had issues with this seemingly-simple concept lately. Introducing new products, processes, or regulations without testing and troubleshooting first seems to be the norm in 2023.

This can cause chaos in a franchise location. A team that is unprepared to implement untested changes has a much lower chance to succeed – and franchise owners are left footing the bill for decreases in efficiency or guest satisfaction.

These kinds of sudden, unexpected changes don’t just make waves in individual restaurant locations. They compromise brands’ trust – and their relationships with the investors bringing their brand to new communities.

We work hard to ensure any changes are ready for a larger rollout before implementing them company-wide. Our brand-owned Barrel House locations are the perfect testing ground for new technology, menu items, and business practices. There, we perfect our innovations, to ensure they bring convenience, not chaos, to our franchise partners.

This is just one piece of our commitment to excellent communication and support for our franchise partners. We provide in-depth training for new franchise owners, ongoing support for all locations, and marketing campaigns that are expertly-designed to promote menu favorites and new releases.

Communicating well with our franchise partners is a high priority for the Barrel House team. As guests get to know our brand in new markets, we know the best way to build support is to ensure each and every location – both brand-owned and franchised – is running smoothly. So we take the time to ensure all members of the Barrel House team have the information, strategies, and support they need to thrive.

Franchise Restaurants with Food People Love

We just wrote about the many upcoming food trends where Barrel House is at the forefront. From spicy foods, to the return of the chicken sandwich wars, to a full-bar experience with innovative cocktails, Barrel House is poised for success.

But these trends are just an extension of our mission to serve food people love. At its core, the Barrel House menu has always been Food That Lifts Your Spirits. We are proud to have developed a menu with something on it for everyone. At the end of the day, Barrel House is a restaurant, and we’re in the business of making food our guests love to eat. 

Your New Restaurant Franchise In 2023

This year is shaping up to be great for the restaurant industry. Small franchises, in particular, are poised to take advantage of improving market conditions and sustained interest in eating out. Barrel House has the technology, partnerships, and menu to thrive in 2023 and beyond, and we are looking for more partners to join on that success.

If you’re interested in learning more about opening a Barrel House franchise, give our friendly team a call! We’re always looking for new partners, and would love to hear about your goals. If it’s a good match, 2023 could be the year you begin your Barrel House franchise!