Open a Restaurant the Easy Way

May 2023

Anything worth doing is worth doing well, and opening a restaurant is no exception. People often have a romantic idea of opening a restaurant. They imagine enjoying a drink at the end of the bar with regulars or inviting friends to celebrate special occasions. But in reality, there’s no truly easy way to open a restaurant – it always involves hard work!

That said, when you open a restaurant franchise, much of that hard work has been done for you. That’s why we advocate for franchising as the easiest way to open a restaurant. This business opportunity brings with it financial, marketing, and experience support. With a franchise, it’s faster and easier to achieve that vision of relaxing after a long day’s work in your own restaurant.

Restaurant Franchises Make Financial Sense

Opening a new business is about a lot of things – inspiration, dedication, passion, maybe even luck. But a new business also needs funding to get off the ground. The financial reality of opening a restaurant can be daunting. This is one area where franchising your new restaurant really works in your favor!

Easiest Way to Get a Restaurant Loan

Someone filling out Small Business Loan Application.

It would be wonderful if everyone had the liquid assets to open a restaurant on-hand. But when starting a new restaurant, you may need to rely on a small business loan for construction and startup costs.

Banks prefer lending to franchise restaurants over brand-new concepts, making it easier to secure loans for your startup costs. Since franchise restaurants have a track record of success, they – and you – are safer investments for bank loans. This can be a huge hurdle for first time business owners, so give yourself an edge by choosing a franchise!

Are Restaurant Franchises More Profitable?

Once your restaurant is open, the franchise model makes it easier to become more profitable, more quickly.

Franchises see a higher return on investment than original concepts. Many people worry about the initial franchise fee or ongoing costs with a franchise. But that higher return on investment makes up the difference, while also contributing to long-term stability. The restaurant industry can have thin margins, so anything that gives you a boost is worth capitalizing on.

Additionally, working as part of a franchise gives you access to economies of scale that can make a real difference. When your order for lettuce, or plates, or paper napkins is part of a larger order for multiple locations, your cost per unit can drop dramatically. As a franchisee, you’ll be part of a wider network of Barrel House locations that can help you access premium ingredients and supplies at a lower price than others. 

Being part of the Barrel House family has a wide range of financial benefits beyond just buying power. We’ve invested a lot of time, effort, and capital into our franchise operations, smoothing the way for new restaurants to open with maximum success on a smaller budget.

By investing in our future franchise owners, we’re already working towards long-term success for both our brand and our partners. When you invest in a Barrel House franchise, you can do so with confidence, knowing that we’ve already invested in you!

Marketing a New Restaurant is Easier as a Franchise

Marketing can be one of the most challenging parts of opening a restaurant. It’s essential to build buzz before the grand opening, and then capitalize on early momentum. The goal is to turn first-time guests into long-time regulars, but that’s impossible unless you can bring people through the door first.

If you’re trying to oversee restaurant construction, hire and train staff, and get your supply chain in order, do you really have time to make Facebook posts three times a week? For busy business owners, marketing can be a huge hurdle – but it’s also make-or-break for your business’s success.

This is one of the advantages of franchising! By capitalizing on existing brand knowledge and loyalty, you can get a head-start on marketing with no extra effort. Guests who already know and love Barrel House don’t need much convincing to visit a new location, especially if it’s close to home. 

Building a New Restaurant’s Brand

This goes beyond guests who have visited a Barrel House before. Barrel House has an established brand out in the world – if a guest Googles “barrel house,” they’ll see hundreds of five-star reviews, social media posts, news stories, local listings, mouthwatering food photos, and more. 

And this third-party content is just the start for marketing a new restaurant. Barrel House’s website is comprehensive, well-established, and maintained for you. We provide an interconnected network of social media profiles that have photos, events, and specials to keep guests engaged between visits.

The Barrel House app is already developed and ready to download. Through the app, guests can place carryout and delivery orders, keep an eye on specials, and take part in our rewards program.

Rewards Programs Make it Easier to Open a Restaurant

A phone showing the Barrel House appOne challenge new restaurants face is earning loyalty from their guests. Barrel House has perfected the art of creating return customers. There are a lot of factors – our delicious menu items, We Care™ culture, spacious patios, and fun events help – but one thing that’s made a serious difference is our rewards programs.

Restaurant rewards program success is based around convenience and longevity, which is exactly what the Barrel House app helps to provide! Barrel House guests are rewarded for visiting Barrel House restaurants and using the app, giving them a convenient reminder and incentive to return again and again.

All the New Restaurant Marketing Secrets

When you work with a franchise partner, you’re not just getting a restaurant concept – you’re getting all the knowledge and experience that comes with opening multiple locations in lots of markets. We put that experience to work for you everywhere, and marketing is no except.

Barrel House offers excellent marketing support to our franchise partners. We offer on-site marketing training for new restaurant owners, even before your location has opened, to set you up for success.

Once you’re open, onsite consultation continues, but you’ll also have a marketing toolbox ready to work from. We have a full set of brand guidelines, already established to help you succeed. This includes a wide variety of promotional materials, ready for you to adapt to your individual business’s locations and needs. 

Our ongoing support for franchise partners includes weekly calls. These can be anything from a 10-minute check-in to a 2-hour strategy plan, so whatever marketing questions you may have, our team will be able to answer them quickly and comprehensively!

Expert Help Opening a New Restaurant

Another major benefit of franchising – we’ve opened your future restaurant before! While every target market is a little different, every Barrel House location has major similarities, and our franchise team’s expertise comes to work for our partners.

Like all franchises, when you choose to open a Barrel House, you benefit from support that independent owners just can’t access. From site selection, to layout and design, to buildout, to supply chain, to hiring, to successful operation, and more – our franchise team has insight on every step of the process, which we’re excited to share with new franchise partners.

This experience is especially valuable for first-time business owners, and saves you from costly, stressful, and time-consuming mistakes.

New Restaurant Training

Open a restaurant with the Barrel House franchise team - seven men and women who help with training.Our comprehensive restaurant owner training prepares you for every situation, giving you the benefit of all our years of experience from day one. Most franchise agreements include training before the restaurant itself opens, but our mentorship for owners is ongoing!

Whether this is your first restaurant or your fiftieth, our franchise support team has valuable insights for leading a Barrel House location to success. We combine classroom, digital, and hands-on training for our partners to ensure all our knowledge is passed on and ready to use.

One area of training we take pride in is our ongoing restaurant technology upgrades. Some franchises are notorious for pushing new technology on owners with no testing or training, creating chaos in their partners’ restaurants.

At Barrel House, as new innovations make their way to market, we test the most promising in our corporate-owned stores. If they’re a success, we roll them out to franchise locations, alongside additional training. With the benefit of experience, we can prepare our franchise partners for these changes, and ensure new technology integrates seamlessly with the Barrel House model.

Franchising is the Easiest Way to Open a Restaurant

With the financial, marketing, and experience benefits of franchising, it’s clear that this model helps businessowners over the many hurdles that come with owning a restaurant. A franchise is a proven investment that helps restaurants open easily and become profitable more quickly. Their pre-established brands and marketing support make promotion second nature. And with the years of experience a franchise can bring to a brand-new location, you’ll be well on your way to success.

Ultimately, we hope you’ll choose Barrel House as your franchise partner. But we encourage you to learn more about every concept that interests you! Research is crucial when buying a franchise.

Reach out to franchise teams, and ask about the support they provide their partners. We can tell you from experience that finding the right match for your vision is important. But we’re also confident that, if you speak to several teams, you’ll see what makes Barrel House in particular special.

To learn more about opening a Barrel House location of your own, we’d love to hear from you, just call 563-204-8148.