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    Bar and Grill Franchise


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    Why Barrel House?

    There is no better time for potential Barrel House franchise owners to join our team. Our bar franchise provides great food and drinks, and wrap it up in our We Care Culture™. Our bar franchise truly is something special. We offer the best possible overall experience for our customers, and an equally satisfying franchise experience to our franchise owners.

    This is your chance to grow your bar and grill franchise within a dynamic $772 billion marketplace

    Adaptable Concept

    Keeping people together as part of the “new normal.”

    Multiple Revenue Streams

    Dine-in, pick-up, delivery, multiple day parts, food and/or drinks

    Providing All Of The Top 3 Industry Food Trends

    Classic cocktails, comfort food and specialty burgers

    Take advantage of industry dynamics:

    • Sales from food services and drinking places in the U.S. in 2019 reached a staggering $772.6 billion.
    • A top trend in bar franchises is the “upscale dive” — elevating the concept to create an atmosphere that feels like the bar down the street but with improvements… domestic beers along with top-shelf cocktails, kitschy decorations, spotlessly clean with updated fixtures.
    • There is increasing importance in the restaurant industry to “put culture first and offer workers benefits, a stable environment, and opportunities for growth.” We’ve done this from the day we started.
    Bar and Grill Franchise - Barrel House Franchise

    Leverage a variety of income streams to keep your food franchise GOING STRONG:

    • Multiple service options: lunch, dinner, and late night, with full bar and food menu for diversified revenues
    • On-trend menu options: specialty burgers, comfort food, specialty and seasonal cocktails
    • Adaptable dining spaces: dining room, bar area, bar seating and patio
    • Pick-up, dine-in, catering and special events

    Best of all, you can grow your bar franchise in an environment that fosters a culture of service and cooperation … all in your very own protected bar franchise territory!

    Make A Move That Can Change Your Future

    Our bar and grill franchise is the vehicle you need to bring a welcoming gathering spot to your community. Your customers will keep coming back for the Barrel House experience, all while you are building your future through food franchise ownership.