Barrel House Has a Restaurant Franchise for Sale Right Now

December 2021

When you own an upscale tavern such as a Barrel House franchise location, you don’t just serve food and drinks to your customers and call it a day. That’s not in our nature! Barrel House is about much more than that – it’s about serving food that lifts your customers’ spirits and puts a smile on every face that walks through the front door of your franchise restaurant. When you invest in this restaurant franchise for sale, your goal is to help customers feel like they’ve just arrived at a good friend’s home, with delicious food and a cozy atmosphere.

Could you be the ideal franchise investor for our top restaurant franchise? We’re looking to expand our brand with a franchise restaurant for sale and spread the Barrel House good times into your local community.  But we can’t do it without our amazing franchise owners. Let’s explore what a Barrel House restaurant franchise has to offer you – and see if you’re the kind of potential franchise investor that we’re looking for.

The Opportunity: Join a Top Restaurant Franchise

Before we start asking if we’re a good fit, you should get to know us. At Barrel House, we’re proud to stay at the forefront of franchise restaurant trends. In fact, our menu offers what customers crave, according to the National Restaurant Association’s 2021 Top Restaurant Trends report. Our menu features more than half of the top 10 best-selling menu items for full-service restaurants, from burgers to pizza, specialty sandwiches, Mexican flavors, and chicken wings. By staying classy, comforting, and relevant, we entice customers to keep coming back to our franchise restaurant locations. 

Everything Revolves Around Our “We Care Culture”

It takes more than amazing food to build a loyal customer base. Any restaurant franchise owner knows that word of mouth, restaurant reviews and guest referrals are the best marketing you can get. How do we do it? Two words: customer service. We serve our guests like friends, and franchise owners are trained to excel at customer service. Our restaurant franchise opportunities provide an extensive training program for franchise owners and key management team members of Barrel House locations. We call it the “We Care Culture,” and it underpins everything that we do as a restaurant franchise.

We expect all Barrel House employees to be attentive to our guests’ needs and responsive to their requests, helping to ensure that everyone who leaves a Barrel House franchise restaurant feels like they’ve had their highest expectations of customer service met. This is just one example of how we like to support franchise owners throughout their journeys. But don’t worry about freedom. We’ll give you the reins as soon as you’re ready for them while staying close by so that you can come to our accessible leadership team for guidance and advice.

When it comes to support, whether for customers or franchise owners, we provide conscientious, results-driven assistance. We offer help throughout the initial stages of your franchise journey, from when you are choosing the real estate for your Barrel House location and working on your build-out, to technology and marketing. Our comprehensive franchise support program doesn’t end when you open your restaurant, either. We will remain on hand anytime you need support and advice after your grand opening

Our Requirements for Restaurant Franchisees: What We Look For in You

We’ve discussed a little of what you can expect from us if you’re interested in this restaurant franchise opportunity. Let’s go into what we need from a potential franchise owner. As you may have expected, this restaurant franchise for sale needs an enthusiastic, outgoing owner to oversee it.

We want to have the right person running a Barrel House franchise restaurant location to help our customers get the Barrel House experience. If you love people and amazing food, then we’re getting off to a great start. A passion for the food industry is a big help when you start your journey as a franchise owner, although we provide plenty of initial training and coaching.

There are a few key aspects of our ideal owner. If you’ve got the leadership skills to excel at running a Barrel House location and the passion, drive and determination to keep everything going smoothly, then that’s a definite plus. You can often demonstrate these qualities through past experience, such as time spent as a general manager or running your own business prior to considering becoming an investor.

There are additional requirements for a potential owner for the Barrel House restaurant franchise opportunity. Let’s take a moment to talk numbers on our burger franchise.

You’ll pay an initial franchise fee of $40,000 to start the process of you owning your franchise restaurant location. This fee is part of the overall initial investment range, which is how much you can expect to invest in your Barrel House franchise location. This figure is usually between $398,000 and $998,000, so potential franchise owners must be in a sound financial situation to cover these costs.

As with any restaurant franchise opportunity, you’ll need to have liquid capital available to keep your location growing in the early phases, by welcoming all your happy, returning Barrel House customers, as well as new faces.

Learn More About Our Restaurant Franchise for Sale

Taking on a restaurant franchise for sale in your local community can be a huge step in your career – and, like any big step, it can also seem a little intimidating. We understand! Barrel House is a lot more than just a restaurant franchise opportunity; our franchise owners join a growing family of upscale tavern owners who deliver high-quality food and customer service to our guests.

If you’ve got the right attitude and love of good food and good times, then let’s discuss how we could work together and create an amazing new Barrel House location in your local area. Interested? Searching “bar for sale near me?” To get a taste of the Barrel House experience, get in touch today and learn more about our restaurant franchise for sale.